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Video parts or Skideo parts?

JM Duran Raw Run

We all know downhill has its own unique viewing appeal to the videos produced by the trick skaters. Some people say that raw runs are the way of the future with downhill, many people still feel as though the 2.5 min long skate part still gets it done right. Though what is the best downhill video? Do we want videos that display the skills of the skater or the photographer? Do raw runs really show that the skater is as

Loaded in the Desert


                            “The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.” – Henry David Thoreau (Interesting note: Bustin Board’s Will Royce was doing geological work for his university on the same rocks in Utah and realized it could be skated back in 2011) From the Loaded Press Release for the

Kryptonics Returns

Kryptonics Ep1 -

The classic Kryptonics Wheels are back and the company is completely relaunched but with plenty of heritage on the mind.  Check out this series of videos with some of the pioneers of downhill. Episode 1: Dave Hackett, Jack Smith, Jim Goodrich, and Mark Richards recall the early days of Kryptonics and the wheel that helped changed skateboarding.

Budro on Spike TV

Spike TV -

From the one and only Jeff Budro: I got to sit down recently with Dhanni  from Spike TV’s Playbook 360 and talk about skateboarding.. Now we just need them to start covering our races, starting with Angie’s Curves next year. Watch AJ Haiby and Jeff Budro talk about the history and future of skateboarding

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